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Monkey Business:

evolutionary exploits in the stage, film and musical jungles

from jeff christian and his simian brethren

  1. BulletTeaching directing in Columbia College’s Department of Cinema Art + Science.

  2. BulletWrote and performed in JR Sullivan’s Hometown Holiday in December.

  3. BulletAdapted and directed Cymbeline for The Shakespeare Project of Chicago.

  4. BulletDirected Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars for CCPA at Roosevelt University.

  5. BulletPlayed Iachimo, Belarius and Grumio for the 11th summer with Lakeside Shakespeare.

  6. BulletDirected Conor McPherson’s Shining City for Irish Theatre of Chicago.

  7. BulletReceived the Excellence in Teaching Award at Columbia College.

  8. BulletDeveloping projects with production houses.

  9. BulletPosted a film acting reel.